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    A Symphony in Ink

    In whispers soft, where emotions flow,
    A symphony of feelings, hearts bestow.
    In the language of love, a tender plot,
    The poet within, where hearts say a lot.

    Verses bloom like flowers in spring,
    A melody of words, each line takes wing.
    Feelings dance, an intricate knot,
    Expressed with grace, where hearts say a lot.

    In moonlit dreams and daylight’s gleam,
    Echoes linger, like a heartfelt stream.
    A canvas painted, emotions begot,
    In every stroke, where hearts say a lot.

    Through ink-stained pages, a tale unfolds,
    A journey of emotions, tales untold.
    A poetic haven, a sacred grot,
    In every heartbeat, where hearts say a lot.