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We know we explore and imagine individually to create something stunning, we are unable by one mind, but by doing small acts of kindness and working together. We can create something truly extraordinary.

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Poetry communicates the thoughts and creativity of your imagination. That imagination becomes true, but if you can take a pen and paper, these can give you a love of life. Unhook your thoughts to the world. Let your ink drop on the paper, and let the people lost within your chapter .so, without any obstruction create something stunning with Heartsaysalot, a platform to unleash your creativity globally.

In the world of words, a pen comes alive,
Whispers of poetry, like bees in a hive.
It speaks volumes profoundly, a symphony of art,
Yet, the pen breathes life, a creator’s true heart.

Heartsaysalot, a name etched in divine ink,
Unlocking imagination and creativity where thoughts entwine.
With a brand so bold, in its sharp embrace,
Imagination soars and a poetic journey takes place.

No more scratched-out drafts, no messy fray,
The pen’s precision guides, pave the way.
In the world of ink, technology is advanced,
A seamless flow of ideas, beautifully enhanced.


In a world of plenty, bellies full to the brim,
Yet pockets empty, immigrant dreams are dim.
We stash away ketchup packets, a thrifty measure,
While a voice on vinyl, a comic treasure.

A tiny bird, with a beakful of soft fluff,
Crafts a nest, resilient, never enough.
An old riddle asks, not your height, but your feet,
A playful twist, a perspective sweet.

This is joy, in a joke’s merry gaze,
Flipping the map, changing our ways.
South becomes north, in our whimsy’s dance,
A shift in view, a newfound chance.

For in a change of words, in a twist of thought,
Lies the key to joy, to battles fought.
Snowful, tearful, wishful, all the same,
In our laughter’s echo, we find our aim.


Finding Joy in Everyday Life

In a world of plenty, bellies full to the brim

This poem reflects the dichotomy between abundance and lack in life. The opening words depict a situation in which food is plentiful but money is scarce, reflecting the immigrant experience and the need for resourcefulness. Despite the hardships, there is a sense of fun and practicality in preserving ketchup packets and watching comedians such as George Carlin.

The description of a small brown bird that builds a home out of fluff underlines the importance of resilience and making the most of what we have. The poem then moves on to a fun riddle involving feet instead of height, suggesting an alternative way of measuring ourselves.

The basic theme of the poem is about finding joy and happiness in life’s basic pleasures and looking at things from a new perspective. Turning the map upside down represents a change in perspective, which can lead to unexpected discoveries and possibilities. The poem invites us to embrace change and look at the world through the eyes of humor and creativity.

Overall, the poem honors the human ability to find joy and laughter in difficult situations, emphasizing the value of perseverance, flexibility, and a positive attitude toward life.

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The expression of imagination through mysterious words and tone inked by a writer is called “Writing style

Every writer has a distinct and unique writing style that reflects their use of language, level of formality, sentence structure, and overall approach to writing.

A skilled writer adapts their writing style based on the purpose of their tone of thoughts. A writer relies on various writing principles. For example, blogging involves the use of informal language, while commercial writing consists of the use of formal language.

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