Arsene Lupin

Arsene Lupin

You catch my name and I will change my Face,
You can’t able to solve my puzzle I made of the case,
And the place is bought by my telepathic cutting mental gates,
Sometimes I look like infinity and sometimes I’m eights.

And that’s how I feel real gangsters are only gentlemen,
Hold cold blood steel if they feel the adrenaline,
And I die for the love so tough to show my sentiment,
To destroy the destroyer you have to have all kinds of elements.

Do plan like a dragon and play like a bird,
And say thanks to foolish but not able to heard,
Although one kind of two minds and body lift the third,
Flexible like a master gets up shows like a nerd.

Its just number honey which you call money,
Each day I burn the one who learns from me my many,
I drop clues where you move where I know what you got any,
So I stop being friendly, ’cause there’s hate and there’s envy.

There is all truth hide in my lie,
And my life comes after my die,
It took a thousand years to find out why,
I’m too hot for you baby you just can’t deny it.

I don’t play with cards to show magic,
I told you it’s far away from your Logic,
You will see one face with a large hat in a lupin comic,
It starts with a story and ends with its hypnosis.

If you like magic like black holes exist here’s a trick,
Snap my fingers and you will see everyone is a lunatic,
You think you able to catch I will be quicker when you become quick,
And at that moment the whole world slowed down to a tic tic tic.

That he was a book where you must look inside the cover,
You in deep down with sound now you’re gonna discover,
In your thoughts and imagination, nothing gets over,
But with every page you read, you turn another.

Beautiful Poetry By Moshin Ansari.

Moshin Ansari

Mohsin Ansari is a talented writer from surat, gujarat. He has a deep love for literature and enjoys both writing and reading. Mohsin dedicates himself to becoming a great writer and is particularly skilled at crafting mesmerizing poems and captivating stories. He has co-authored a wealth of books, including "Ishq - Happen Again", "Love Amid Distance", "Let's Bring Back Memories", "Chalk n' Duster, and The Colourful Ink", among others. His writing style is characterized by utopian ideals, raw emotion, and profound insight. Whether you're reading his Ghazal, Sher, Nazm, Poetry, or Story, one thing is certain - they will take you on an unforgettable emotional journey.

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