Caught a glimpse of my favourite person

Caught a glimpse of my favourite person I was on the bus and facing a traffic jam, As I know it will take time so I was looking out of the window, and Just then a similar face catches my eyes.

A face that can’t be erased from my heart and holds thousands of emotions and feelings in my heart.

I can’t take my eyes off her face and I wanted to tell her that you are just right in front of me with a little distance, As I was taking my phone out to call her.

A memory popped up making me realise that we don’t talk anymore, So with a smile slowly I kept my phone back in my pocket.

Its green light vehicles started moving, My eyes kept looking at her till she lost my sight.

We were so close that now we all have is just distance between us, I don’t know whether she miss me or not, whether she wanted to see me or not, It’s been 3 years since we haven’t talked to each other.

And this foolish heart still craves her presence, I wanted to say to her that I miss her so much, But we still have distance between us.

A beautiful story Caught a glimpse of my favourite person was written by Aamina Khan

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