I Don’t Want to Write

There Comes a Time: I Don’t Want to Write

There Comes a Time I Don’t Want to Write
Where I don’t wanna write
I don’t want to sleep
And I don’t want to fight

There comes a time
Where I lose my hope
I lose my way I don’t want to write
And I find no scope

There comes a time
Where I lose myself
I want no pals
And wanna yell

There comes a time
Where I go insane
They hurt me the most
And then falsely blame

I hope this terrible time
It has a less life span
Then I want my life
The way it was back then

Want to Write

Photo by Beyzaa Yurtkuran

She Fell First But He

Absurdly she smiled at his name
Looking for the reasons for conversations
Watching him through the window panes
sooner turned into aimless addiction
Those silly excuses and silly approaches
Leaving behind her own self
Little by little her choices
It turned out like the one he chooses
Day by day she fell for him as no one did
Was in love with the journey and liberation
Unawares, it changed her apparently
Without knowing about the destination
Sooner did she realise
He isn’t made for her
But at the same time
The love blinded her
Days passed on and the journey ended
It was hard believing that it was her last meet
Her eyes for the last time
Painting his picture in her memories
And at last… She fell first but he
He never fell for her.

Beautiful Stunning poetry by Maseera Batool

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