It’s like heaven

It’s not “Minutes” for me,
It’s like heaven is in front of me,
It’s not only a conversation……;
It’s like too much care for me !!

I’m completely engrossed with your Voice,
I don’t know ‘ How you are my choice!
If I am in a fix, you guide me stepwise ;
If I am confused; you explain it twice !!

If You are observing me, from my line,
Surely I’ll spread brightness multiples of nine,
One day, you will feel proud from the inside;
When every situation will be fine!

If I’m hopeful of our guidelines,
So you are my successful image every time
I’ll never forget those struggles ;
After all, I’m fine and smile like a burst of sunshine!

Beloved Poetry By Sofiya Shaikh Srm

Sofiya Shaikh Srm

Sofiya Shaikh.sRm" Known as "Sofi-sRm" on Social media platforms. Sofiya is a daughter of Mr.Aslam Shaikh. Born on 8/February 2002 in PUNE. She is a Science Student of "Abeda Inamdar Junior College for Girls -Pune". She is a Artist of her own herat. Loves to Write Poems and Gazals in her free time.And also spend her mean time with plants. Work: Writing is her passion. In her free time she writes poems and Gazals in Hindi & Urdu. She expresse her pain, suggestions etc. through her writings. , Recently She Published her Solo Book. Title: "Lafz-e-Raaz" where you can read 85+poems and Gazals. Education: Primary and Secondary Education Completed from Anjuman-I-Islam School pune. And Now Studying in "Abeda Inamdar Junior College for Girls -PUNE" Hometown:Pune, Maharashtra

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