A Pretty lady
Wearing a masquerade
I don’t know what she needs
I don’t know how she feels
Staying away from the crowd
Enjoying her drinks
With her beautiful masquerade
Which matches the colour of her gown
Very gentle and fragile
Beautifully designed
My eyes were awaiting
To see the divine features behind
Her round almond eyes
With eyelashes full of mascara
And hot pink sparkling eyeshadow
Looked adorable.
But deep into her eyes
They were mourning
Hopeless and tired.
Finally, when she removed
Her beautiful Columbina masque
I was stunned
By discovering the scars.
Her dark lipstick
Still shows the clot.
Cuts on her face
Were fresh and livid.
Marks on her forehead
Were as clear as
Blood drop on snow.
Her light pale white skin
Displays all the scars.
Still, she smiles.
Still, she pretends.
And then after a while
She covered her face

Stunning poetry by Maseera Batool.

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