Who knows who gave what
Make aware of your thought.
It took so many life and blood,
That time when the body seems like a flood.

For us to give freedom they lost their day
So many sacrifices and their family was taken away,
They endured all pain without thinking of themselves
They shout out loud if not did now then Someone else,

Uncountable life gave up for one soil
Their love towards motherland they showed their toil,
Courage and weaponry skills only work in war
They decided for their children not to be slaves anymore,

The rebellion started small spark goes door to door
Enfield P-53 rifle-musket first bullet which breaks enemy core,
Hanging only trap the body who will hang the flying dream
Mangal mangal mangal mangal he lives life to the extreme,

The springing tiger whose roar is long and rage
With fair and vociferous he owns so many stages,
Give your blood I will buy your freedom
Those who knew the country abroad also his die for the reason,

They cannot kill thoughts by crushing a person
He made himself clear Inquilab Zindabad Long live the revolution,
Who wants to die at a young age and do sacrificed soul for no-call
With smiling and tears in their eyes, he declares himself best of all,

Facing the enemy freely he doesn’t have even a little fear
He Placed land close to heart and his shout spread out far and near,
He was free and remained free and died free
The only man who could not be caught by anyone; he flows like a sea.

The desire for goodness and freedom in his hearts
He sees bismil as a role model and shows his art,
To show which kindness he holds there he played a martyr role
Till the last breath only one wish to see own land own sky own control, 

Fully sharp swords in both hands fought a lot like manly
She never said “why should I” her braveness showed women can be,
One-fourth of the army where everyone happily wants to die
The only queen who fights so bright for her sacrifice heart goes cry,

Everything is scattered, this heaven is also dying
The truth is not told, all of them are now lying,
Become a human, then humanity will happen by itself
I’m not telling the story, it’s true. I ask you where you see yourself?

Moshin Ansari

Mohsin Ansari is a talented writer from surat, gujarat. He has a deep love for literature and enjoys both writing and reading. Mohsin dedicates himself to becoming a great writer and is particularly skilled at crafting mesmerizing poems and captivating stories. He has co-authored a wealth of books, including "Ishq - Happen Again", "Love Amid Distance", "Let's Bring Back Memories", "Chalk n' Duster, and The Colourful Ink", among others. His writing style is characterized by utopian ideals, raw emotion, and profound insight. Whether you're reading his Ghazal, Sher, Nazm, Poetry, or Story, one thing is certain - they will take you on an unforgettable emotional journey.

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