They say happiness will find you,
But I think sadness will find you too,
it sneaks up on your darkness,
just when you think you have made it tough,
It opens holes dug by you,
The kind you never knew were there,
until you go to take another step.
And find you’re standing under the sky,
The world around you passes by,
In blurs of colours and sound all over,
Nothing around you makes sense.
you can’t remember how it started,
And you don’t know when it will end.
But you know you will not give up anything,
To stand up on your feet again,
sadness is that feeling,
when the falling doesn’t stop
And it slaps your life as meaning,
In spite of all the good things you’ve got,
If you look back up to the sky,
The only thing left is to cry!

Poetry by Azmina Anwer Khan

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