Who you are to me!

Not a day can ever tell who you are to me!
I grew up In your hands, And these hands hold me tight.
Your lap was my peaceful place, And now your shoulders are.
You hold me the first time I came into this world, And now you are holding my lifetime.
I know you love me much more than your wife. And you know I love you much more than your wife.
They say, She looks like her mother, And You say “you are my daughter”.
When there is no one, there is always you.
You protect me from this cruel world.
you always taught me how to be brave even if how far I am hurting.
you told me how important love is for surviving.
you taught me not to be carefree to demons.
You always wipe my tears whenever I cry.
You are a perfect example of a Gentleman.
You taught me how the love starts from true friendship.
you were and are my best friend for life.
You never hurt me instead you made me face the challenges.
I am so glad That you are my Father.
All I want is to be Yours always.
I love you till the seven skies.
you are soul to my soulless body
you gave me wings.
you nourished me.
When Everyone degrades me you are the one to uplift.
I love you, Man!
To Infinity and beyond!

Mjhe kehte hai sab mri maa ki beti’
Aqs lekin m apne baap ka hun!

Poetry by Azmina Anwer Khan.

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