Are you a dew on the petals of my life?

Are you a dew on the petals of my life?
Showering your love over my beige skin, arousing every ounce of my soul,
my organs dances with the daffodils, by feeling the joys of living in it.
My heart plays daisies fenced by cactuses.
Are you not a coral? Adding hues to my pale musings.
You solely possessed my soul, cast that magic spell over the strands of my blood.
Bounding through the arteries, blood reached my core.
Wasn’t my heart dormant till that while?
Or weren’t you the oxygen who salvaged my heart from that desiccation?
Mundane I was, hocus-pocus watered it entirely.
Alive again, here “I loved you” didn’t I? I love you again with that dormancy at lapse.

Stunning poetry by Urooma Niyaz

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