Why does the sky feel so much like me

The clouds aren’t white anymore
It has painted itself and it keeps getting darker
Pushing her skin to the depths of grey
And soon one cried ” It’s time again”
scrambled away from the collapsing sky
” Close your ears, close your eyes. She is crying again and it never ends how it starts”
Rises as the soothing breeze
To the cacophony of falling leaves
The darkness doesn’t overwhelm her not anymore
Makes her desire to thunder louder than she screams
Prayers whispered to the stars above
wishing to be heard
it’s futile
Because the people have fallen asleep again
So with the last ounce of strength she walks away somewhere else
And they wake up to the blue skies they see
I sit next to the window
And wonder by myself
Why does the sky feel so much like me

Poetry of love by Oindrila Pal

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