Do I forget to miss you;
Why you needed space.
Nothing is worse than this;
I don’t know what I trace.

I told you everything whatever I feel;
I have nothing in me nowhere to turn.
You know how my heart gets freeze;
At the same time, it’s going to burn.

Leaving everything without any hint;
Now say how far should I chase?.
I don’t know how to draw or paint;
Yes, I used a pen with blood to make your face.

What you will never know;
I can do make myself busy too.
But whenever it’s all about love;
For you, I make myself easy too.

Sometimes I need you all time;
I can’t take when you do neglect.
I will be worried it will be too late;
To show equivalent respect.

Here I stand with my heart in command;
I felt everything’s was certain.
And that person needs to be set free;
But I’m too tired to be that person.

Well I feel better all over more;
Don’t worry about the guilt you feel.
You’ll try to get me you’ll get me more;
Just take a breath and seal the deal.

You’ll be mine forever;
And swear by the stars above.
I always miss you in the morning;
And I want to stay with you In a heaven of love.

Moshin Ansari

Mohsin Ansari is a talented writer from surat, gujarat. He has a deep love for literature and enjoys both writing and reading. Mohsin dedicates himself to becoming a great writer and is particularly skilled at crafting mesmerizing poems and captivating stories. He has co-authored a wealth of books, including "Ishq - Happen Again", "Love Amid Distance", "Let's Bring Back Memories", "Chalk n' Duster, and The Colourful Ink", among others. His writing style is characterized by utopian ideals, raw emotion, and profound insight. Whether you're reading his Ghazal, Sher, Nazm, Poetry, or Story, one thing is certain - they will take you on an unforgettable emotional journey.

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