Every girl wants a prince

Every girl wants a prince
It is not in the world indeed
The charm of the man
Hidden in lines
The novel of love
Where reality declines
The world may not love me
Maybe I am not worthy
But I can love you completely
Because you are beyond reality
The lines describing you
It makes me fall for you
The more I read
The more obsessed I be
Oh my fictitious man
I can read you thousand times
Knowing that you don’t exist
Still better than the existing man
It’s a boon to adore you my pretend prince
I can turn the pages whenever I miss
Not like the men in the real world
Leaving their love and making them burn
I wish there were countless pages
Describing the love in many phrases
Confessing you isn’t really hard
As there is no chance of getting discard
The question of love
And the love fading by time never arise
As the love in the ink and lines never dies.

Stunning poetry “You are the aid to my wound“ by Maseera Batool

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