Fall arrived with recurring echoes of the rift

To me, fall arrived with recurring echoes of the rift. This time I knew exactly when I had to leave, a little before the truth slipped past my bubble of crafted oblivion. The twitch of epiphany waited for me and grabbed me by my flesh and skin and bones. It pierced through me no matter how hard I tried to resist. There was a call for truth in the air and I couldn’t help myself but breathe. Air inching down carried moments of truth and it ached throughout the process. I gulped down the lump, and every minute the truth resolved.

I learnt that in the premises of love we often tend to lose. You taught me this. We’ve exchanged our fears under circumstances of ease. But you moved on from fears.

I kissed your hand and held it tighter than ever cause I knew I have to let it go. Your hands slipped through mine as torment waved through my heart. I stretched my arm like there was no end. I pulled it back knowing it was the beginning of the end. I left seconds before death crawled over you.

I’d leave here, this is where I left. | Poetry by Fahima

This is a beautiful piece of Poetry written by Fahima Nahid

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