I just can’t narrate the pain

I just can’t narrate the pain my heart going through.
I can’t feel anything but pain, everything fades for now, but pain,
the companion who never leaves me under any circumstances whether I’m happy or sad.
My temper is on the edge, from where I’m just controlling it and I don’t know how.
This is so painful, every nerve inside my body hurts, it aches, and I can’t breathe it out.
I can feel this ache passing through my veins and chilling them.
I’m blanked, I wanna throw everything away, I just wanna cry hugging my favourite person,
I can’t resist it inside,it’ss hurting badly.
The trauma is so tender, that my lips become sealed, all I can do is weep.
I can’t bear even that small pain cause my heart is tired, I can’t even explain to anyone,
that how is it hurting me, how it is ripping my soul day by day into shreds which can’t be fixed and
at the same time can’t be sabotaged.
My life is full of pain, I don’t want any of my loved ones to get caught in this fire of my agony and aches.
This is so horrible, my eyes are sore. I don’t wanna hurt myself in the way to cure this pain,
but I really wanna stop it.

Stunning poetry by Urooma Niyaz

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