खोया था मेरा मैं न जाने किधर गया

खोया था मेरा मैं न जाने किधर गया
ले कर के खाली हाथ हर शब मैं घर गया

मैं ने भी हर एक काम को कल पे सौंप के
आँखों को नम कर के हाँ दिन गुज़र गया

कुल्लू नफ़सीन ज़ा इक तुल मौत ख़ुदा
फ़िर कोई आया और फ़ानी बशर गया

मेरे ही सीने में धड़क कर हयात था
जाने ना कोई भी हक़ीक़त के मर गया

Ghazal written by Sofiya Shaikh Srm beautiful Poem | read More Hindi Poetry

Sofiya Shaikh Srm

Sofiya Shaikh.sRm" Known as "Sofi-sRm" on Social media platforms. Sofiya is a daughter of Mr.Aslam Shaikh. Born on 8/February 2002 in PUNE. She is a Science Student of "Abeda Inamdar Junior College for Girls -Pune". She is a Artist of her own herat. Loves to Write Poems and Gazals in her free time.And also spend her mean time with plants. Work: Writing is her passion. In her free time she writes poems and Gazals in Hindi & Urdu. She expresse her pain, suggestions etc. through her writings. , Recently She Published her Solo Book. Title: "Lafz-e-Raaz" where you can read 85+poems and Gazals. Education: Primary and Secondary Education Completed from Anjuman-I-Islam School pune. And Now Studying in "Abeda Inamdar Junior College for Girls -PUNE" Hometown:Pune, Maharashtra

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