Death before Life

The few days in your womb felt like a shield
A shield, which was shattered by the beast.
Was it a sin to be born as a girl,
Where the life before I breathe completely ceased.

I could hear the arguments in your womb
The disputes over the life and doom
You choose life and tried it harder
Where the death was espoused by my so-called father

You cried all day and night
Still cared for me to keep me alive
I could hear the pounding beats of fear
As soon as those demons appear

You had never-ending plans
But they were shattered within a span
It’s hard to overcome the devour
Where your dream was to hold me under the shower

They hurled your fortune into the dark
By eliminating me getting it to abort
I wish I could see you once at least
Before I was called a deceased

It’s nice here to be in heaven
It’s full of bliss and free from demons
I am allowed to laugh and roam
It is still better than the existing home
I am in a better place to rest
As I heard that the God first calls the best

I will still hold your hand when you cry
I know mom, it was the hardest goodbye
If the theory of reincarnation is true
In each life, I would ask for you.

Beautiful Stunning poetry “Death before Life“ by Maseera Batool

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