Life goes inflow

Life goes inflow

Somewhere finding something which I never know,
I keep it all together you say now where should I go,

I remember your shining face when you visit your favourite sight’s,
So far it lasts the same so beautiful and bright,

I recollect all those memories and the things we used up together,
Nothing stays comparable and elements go change like the weather,

I’m trying to forget you I don’t know how long it will take,
The entire was so perfect it was not known that everything is fake,

I have seen a lot of delightful night and snow from the upright window,
We all know at last all fine sun in the shine and life goes inflow,

I had kept everything under control, yet how did I lose it?
You are forever with me but still, I miss your existence a little bit,

I don’t even feel feeble in my heart it puts up with your name,
He always hushes me whenever my mind think and do blame,

Now there is no such thing these memories just come and go,
Heaven is only in fantasy and hell is in hello,

Life goes inflow

Moshin Ansari

Mohsin Ansari is a talented writer from surat, gujarat. He has a deep love for literature and enjoys both writing and reading. Mohsin dedicates himself to becoming a great writer and is particularly skilled at crafting mesmerizing poems and captivating stories. He has co-authored a wealth of books, including "Ishq - Happen Again", "Love Amid Distance", "Let's Bring Back Memories", "Chalk n' Duster, and The Colourful Ink", among others. His writing style is characterized by utopian ideals, raw emotion, and profound insight. Whether you're reading his Ghazal, Sher, Nazm, Poetry, or Story, one thing is certain - they will take you on an unforgettable emotional journey.

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