Not everything that didn’t drown was saved

Not everything that didn’t drown was saved.
Few collapsed on the verge of life and few were saved on the brink of death.
Not everything that silence conveys has to be strong.

The suppressions have bifurcated peace into pieces, to be left to crumble.
The rock bottoms are fragile now, so it pushes me unaccepted.
But the back and forth has caused me to bruise until there was no pain to suffer anymore.
The only time pain doesn’t ache is when you let it hurt you.
So I’ve stopped burying my bruised edges and let it be at the worst of conformation.

The inevitability of anything persists in the flaws of human nature.
Weaknesses here are ostracized and strength remains uncelebrated.

Love always had an indulgence in existence,
if only people knew how to rest it on vulnerability.

Liabilities and soundnesses Introspection was penned by Fahima Nahid

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