Compassion can be a little broken sometimes, like any other thing. It can be tethered sometimes delivering love in crises. But what’s more, a warning is people not realising it and getting convinced otherwise. You can’t overpour the world-devouring yourself.
Excavating compassion I discovered bruises unlearned. Things that we don’t talk about. Bottling them up until we throw them in the middle of the Atlantic hoping for a rescue. But what if it never reaches ashore?
What if they remain unlearned until spoken about?
What if the cork refuses to shut in the first place?
The hindrance is your limit to pretence but a rescue you were unaware of.
Speak up before the world run out of words and you run out of time only to realise being shut was a chosen norm followed by all recommended by none.

The Short thought of broken things written by Fahima Nahid.

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