I was busy with my studies
Stuck among arranged books
And the inquiring mind of mine
About to understand the
saddest reality
Of the peaceful nature, I adore.
My favourite pen was becoming
the ash of a cigarette.

Knock! Knock!
Then maybe
Someone knocked at the window
And I was scared
My inquiring mind was becoming
More inquiring, like hell
I got down from my bed
And I kept the book from my lap.

I opened the window
And my bustling heart
became fascinated
Blue colour reflected
In my eyes with a dark side
Like a peaceful night.

The wind blew in my heart
And I was smiling like a fool
Holding the window grill
I got to hear the ridiculous voice
From the paddy field.
Trees were about to say “Darling you will surely heal”.

Yeah! Actually the storm,
But a healing nature with no refusal.
Picked up my pen to pen
Myself with nature.

This is what nature actually

Deep Poetry By Humaira Tabassum

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