I wish I spent time with my family

I wish I spent time with my family
I wish I confessed
I wish I didn’t argue
I wish I apologized
I wish I had time for her
I wish I stayed when she wanted someone the most
I wish I had the better goodbye
I wish I just listened to what she wanted to say

“Let’s talk tomorrow”

It’s hard to believe the days when we are alive and alone. The days which are passing by within a blink. The end may be after ten years or within ten seconds which we are not aware of. The days which have no guarantee when it vanishes. The words we tell might be the last words. The fight, the hug, the day we spend, the kiss, and the argument can be the last ones. We are just not aware of the last action. When someone is willing to say something just listen instead of telling “let’s talk tomorrow”. What if tomorrow never comes? Speak up before it’s late. Clear the arguments, confess the feelings and just hold hands before it’s too late. Sometimes delaying things may leave the guilt lifetime.

Beautiful Stunning poetry “I wish I spent time with my family” by Maseera Batool

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