Make yourself shine

Make yourself shine, Today, yesterday and tomorrow 

Maybe it takes months or a year 

Just a matter of your patience and time, it always gets better.
Maybe you are going through the darkness which ruins your target but remember there is always a moon that can heal you can understand you.
The darkness, capturing all your weaknesses.
Don’t focus on the darkness when you have the light which is shining brightly upon you.
Whenever the time is wrong just remember the cloud covers the moon but it always comes out brighter to be there for you.
And everything you deserve will be worth it one day.
It’s okay to be hurt, it’s okay to be sad.
It’s all about the feelings, that’s all the life dear, sometimes there are the saddest days but at another moment you smile.
Sometimes it takes a long time to get one smile but that one smile is far better than thousands of smiles.
Carry yourself to see all the things in this life, and be ready to gain and lose.
Don’t show you are happy from the outside actually bleeding inside.
This is not the strongest thing you all agree on. Though bleeding yourself is not smart enough.
Chose to survive not to pretend.
The future will be better only for your own craving to survive.
How can I come out from the darkness? How can I forget all the memories?
Don’t question yourself. If you want to know how many of you are dead.
You will surely apologise.
Be the sharpest blade with your brightest shade.
Remember having a good start is not meant to be a better life.
It’s all about how you can survive.
How do you see the emotion of your own lifestyle which you live?
Living a beautiful life is all about giving a smile on your face and keeping shining whenever you stand on the balcony full of flowers.
Today, yesterday and tomorrow.
Make yourself shine.

Heart touching Poetry By Humaira Tabassum

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