This soul still is not getting over those flickers I have really gained from reality, the day kept me stuck even now.
This was the day when I lost my darkness and felt all the lights around that evening.

That day was not the same day I used to live when it’s just a drop of water from the sky.

But dear soul, before entering the peaceful hours you had to fall thousands of times to take the first step. A heart full of patience was searching for you in the bunch of people. How deeply my soul only talked about you.

Soon, it turned into more than just a sparkle.
Couldn’t this soul hear that person calling me so loud in a peaceful way?

Every small drop of water couldn’t hit me but that tone of your voice did so secretly.

It became another phase of the same situation I had. Where so many people were finding shelter, I left the shelter for his grab. Where the people were waiting to be stopped, I prayed for more waves of happiness.

Walking in the rain together was like the rhythm of falling in love over and over again. His hand on my shoulder was some sort of peace. Pulled me close in front of so many drops of water. All the unspent love gathered in front of us. Where I desperately wanted to go home when the sky was crying, but at that moment I ran away from home just to meet that person for whom I covered my own unseen reality. We knew the feelings, no need to confess, hold it and walked.

While walking a calm voice covered me, “You, the crazy girl”.

Love Poetry By Humaira Tabassum

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