I’ve known gestures more than people, tales more than pages and poems more than written.
I’ve seen stories buried in sunsets and people discovering their own eternity.
I’m not skilled in love. I don’t talk about it.
I don’t seem to find a way to word it if ever it happens to have a language.
You need not utter love. Love shows indulgence in existence.
If lovers don’t find a way they won’t know where to reach.
People have contained much more love than they ever show.
After all, we’re created for love, to love.
This very generation was not taught to hate but to unlove,
unlove things that were gonna go away, disappearing in times.
I’ve let myself go from places I never wanted to share a goodbye with.

Waqt lag jaata hain log dhoondne mein,
Log nikal padhte hain waqt dhoondne mein.

Next time if choose to unlove, I’d know love existed, somewhere in between, somewhere till the end.

“After all, we’re created for love, to love.” this is a beautifully Thinking piece of Poetry written by Fahima Nahid

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