Love has buried people in its synonyms

Love has buried people in its synonyms, wisely, knowing how confronted it was.
Love for me is an ocean and I don’t know how to swim.
So I didn’t go near it in order to not die. I’ve witnessed people fighting for love but
I knew myself fighting for love all the way. Fighting it while barely being able to breathe,
is the reason why I call it an ocean. Love for me is tangible something that flows through me,
something that drapes me unconditionally, and I kept tearing it incessantly.

Waqt se poocha mohabbat sahi hain kya
Jawab mohbbat se mila ki waqt sahi nahi.

I found love at the bottom of the jar and I didn’t have anything to choose from I flinched choosing love maybe that’s when it hit me Waqt Sahi Nahi.

Love has buried people in its synonyms, This is a beautiful piece of Poetry written by Fahima Nahid

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